We are freeing IT from mindless job.


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Who? Qui? Siapa? Ai? 谁?

We are a bunch of Robots... Hooman... okay, we are a multicultural team that want to make IT easy and not scary, hence getting IT together. The fact that all of us comes from different background, it makes work not boring.

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Okay… this is us.


We believe in

(Below is a placeholder and we will discuss this as a team)

  • The outcome. We are not afraid of trying things as long as we get to where want.

  • Trust. We believe in ownership and not afraid of failure.

  • Together. We solve the problem together, not point fingers.

  • Collaboration. We are not scared of meetings.

  • Respecting user time. We brings value and feeling relieve to users.

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 Job Openings

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