User Account Security Assessment for Office 365


Security in today’s SaaS world often seems to be a herculean task. Most enterprises generate vast quantities of telemetry data but find it impossible to parse through all the information, much less render it actionable.

Thanks to Voleer, previously insurmountable hurdles become achievable. Automation enables you to complete an Office 365 user account security assessment in minutes. Voleer can sift through massive amounts of telemetry data and supplement it with external data to create a report that is actionable, comprehensive, and secure.

Create distinct Workspaces, use public templates and more!

Some of the results available on the report include:

·       Accounts that are breached

·       Accounts that are licensed and unlicensed

·       Accounts that are no longer in use

·       Accounts that have or lack a password policy

·       Accounts that have or lack MFA enablement

·       Accounts with outdated passwords

·       Accounts with suspicious login attempts

·       Countries from which your accounts are being accessed

The benefits of security automation are myriad. After you swiftly remediate security gaps for the first time, you’ll wonder how you managed without it. Try Voleer today!


Perform a user account security assessment in minutes. No credit card required.