The 10 Most Intensive IT Tasks You Can Automate


Keeping up on your software tasks can sometimes feel like a never-ending battle. There is good news, though. It's a battle you don't need to keep having. There are several areas where your IT processes can be automated and this allows you to concentrate on more important things than daily mundane fixes and updates. 

Here are the 10 most intensive IT tasks you can automate starting today. 

1. Password Reset
It is estimated that 20% of all support tickets involve passwords. As security issues increase with technological advances, that percentage is likely to increase right along with it. While a password reset is an easy fix for IT experts, it's also a time drain. Fortunately, there are now many tools that make it possible to automate the process. There is even help desk software that includes password reset automation, saving you time, money, and resources.

2. Service Restart
There are a large number of restarts that are needed throughout the workday. This includes Linux services, Windows, antivirus software, spooler processes, IIS And Apache service, and various backup services. Imagine being able to automate those service restarts. Now you can. Tools like Voleer can allow you to not only restart services but to stop and shut them down completely, as well.

3. File Monitoring
Have you been looking for a way to automate your file-related tasks? Well, now you can do that with Voleer. The program monitors files, directories, and even logs to identify any modifications that are made. You can choose which processes you would like to automate without writing a single line of code. You can also customize workflows and add notifications based on your needs, using any of the 500 pre-defined steps.

4. Identity Management
There are various forms of terminology used for identity management. This varies from identity and access management system, entitlement management system, user provisioning system, to access governance system. IdM (Identity Management) refers to the ways in which a person's identity is integrated throughout a specific system. This includes their authentication privileges, authorization levels, and roles within the system. Being able to automate the time-consuming management of these pieces can save a plethora of hours down the road.

5. Event Log Monitoring
A key component of a healthy IT system includes monitoring for problems so that the IT team is able to be notified if there are any issues that arise. Automating this process can help build multi-step corrective action tasks with expediency and efficiency. This means that when an application general protection fault is written to the Windows event log, the services that are required to be restarted, will be done so automatically without the need for the IT department to step in.

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6. Change Service Account and Password
Just like password resets, changing a service account and password can be a time-consuming process. Not because it is difficult but because these issues are so plentiful. Now, services such as Voleer can assist you in IT process automation. It allows you to change service accounts across multiple hosts automatically, without human intervention. You don't relinquish control, however, since you are still able to modify accounts, passwords settings of print services, application services, backup systems, and many more windows services.

7. Freeing Up Disc Space on the Server
There are few things as frustrating as crowded disc space on the server. It can cause a variety of issues, including the consumption of valuable time. When you are in the middle of an important deadline and run out of room on the server, it can have dire consequences for everyone on the team. Automating the process so that disc space on the server can be freed up without IT intervention, can be a lifesaver.

8. Shutdown Remote Computer
This is another IT task that is not complicated to perform. However, automation can be helpful for a variety of reasons. Not only because the task can be performed without an IT person sitting at their desk, but also because it can be performed across a multitude of platforms impacting thousands of PCs. All without you staring at your computer for hours on end. Instead, you can pre-define a system action to ensure the shutdown of any or all workstations at a specific time and place. This can be an incredibly valuable automation tool to have in your IT arsenal.

9. SQL Query
Writing and integrating SQL queries is an important IT component. Automating those SQL queries is even more important. There are a few ways to do this. One is by developing an easy framework that uses script language such as JAVA or even Perl/python. The SQL query can be parameterized and those parameters can be read from an Excel or xml file. You can also use tools such as Voleer, which is a very advanced automation system that includes many features which allow for IT process improvement.

10. Service Restart
Now you can automate service restart with either a script or even task scheduler. There is even a built-in service for recovery that can be programmed during setup. Writing a small script is simple. If you want to do this yourself without IT help and are unsure of how to do it, there are several YouTube videos and platform support to help guide you in the process. Taking a small amount of time to learn the automation process now will save you countless hours in the long run.

Are you now wondering why you weren't automating already? Hopefully, these 10 intensive IT tasks will help guide you in the right direction to make life easier and more efficient.