Introducing Voleer - Codeless Automation for IT


It’s been very exciting to have a front row seat over the past decade and watch the evolution of cloud. I’ve seen it transform from skepticism and caution, to becoming a core strategy of  IT.

Here at BitTitan, we are aggressively replacing all global on-premise servers with a cloud offering. I don’t mean moving the server to IaaS, but rather getting rid of it entirely. By doing so, this has reduced our maintenance costs, saving us from  patching servers, upgrading OS versions, and more. At the same time, we’ve created additional challenges for our organization:

  1. Increased management overhead of employee identities

  2. Resource utilization in some areas,  costing us more than how we did it on-premise


Introducing Voleer

We not only experience these problems first hand, but we hear the same from organizations around the world. This is why we are excited to announce a suite of out-of-the-box automations that perform security and cost assessments for Office 365 and Azure. With a single click, Voleer can deliver a concise report of manual and tools-driven activities.


IT service providers can immediately package our assessments into a managed service,  supplementing them with additional professional services for remediation, using our dashboards recommending next steps.  .

Get started today with our no obligation, no credit card, forever free plan*. Get full capabilities of Voleer. Get assessing.  Get going.    

*For a limited number of assessments per month


Start performing security and cost assessments on Office 365 and Azure. No credit card required.